Medical Tourism in Israel

"If we only knew all the powers of the human heart, nothing would be impossible for us."

Doctor Paracelsus 

We excel in urgent diagnostics and treatment in Israel

There is a current mass interest in medical tourism to Israel. It is well known that modern Israeli medicine combines cutting-edge technologies and the experience of top specialists, as well as multilingual staff. Since flights from all over the world to Israel are abundant, the experience is now cheaper than ever. Many have relatives, friends and acquaintances living in Israel, which makes communication and arrangements easier. The never-ending summer, with sunny weather all year round, the Mediterranean Sea, the eternal beauty of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee, the Dead Sea, the excellent touristic infrastructure - all greatly contribute to one’s decision to travel to Israel for treatment or medical check-up. Another contributing factor is the cost, as prices are lower than in Western Europe or USA, while medical treatment level in this small and controversial land  is equal, and in case of some diseases even superior to the West. Our company specializes specifically in urgent diagnostics and treatment in Israel, which at times can be a matter of life and death. We’ve been working in medical services for the past 6 years; our team includes doctors with 20-25 years of experience. 

How to choose the right company? Should I use a professional intermediation agency or contact the hospital directly?

An online research may provide you with quite a lot of ambivalent information on intermediation agencies for Medical Tourism in Israel. Please read this IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Maria Kanevsky, Paracelsus CEO, to have a clearer understanding of the matter. 

How to start the diagnostic/treatment process in Israel?

You start with a personal phone conversation with our specialists, who will study your case beforehand and consult each other on its specifics, arriving at a treatment/ further diagnostics plan. Based on this plan, we can calculate the duration of your stay and cost of treatment. Please contact us by Phone or E-mail to get started. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will gladly accept any of your questions or requests.

Please read reviews from out past customers. 

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